Please follow these steps to migrate your current running configuration to a new Mutiny appliance.

  1. Upgrade your current mutiny system to the latest release available here
  2. Save the snapshot of your current system and download it to your PC
  3. Shut down your old mutiny system
  4. Configure your new appliance with the IP address of your old mutiny system. 
  5. Web onto your new appliance with the default username and password, superadmin @ and password "password"
  6. Navigate to the backup page and upload your snapshot. 
  7. Select restore to restore your snapshot to the new appliance. This may take some time, and you need to wait until the completion message appears on the screen. If you navigate away from the screen and come back you'll see a message saying that backup/restore is still in progress and you need to wait for this to complete. 
  8. Go back to the front end and ensure your views, nodes, users, and locations have all been restored. 
  9. A new appliance comes with a new serial number, so you will need to apply for a replacement licence (your old licence will run for a further 7 days)
  10. Install your new license and click on the mutiny logo to ensure your licence is recognised.
  11. There may be a need to restart the appliance to reset any complex routing; if you need to, please wait at least 15 minutes before doing so.
  12. If you have any questions, please email support, as many reboots don't normally help.

Note: if you use the scheduled reporting module, please contact support, as additional steps are required after migration to transfer your reporter database. This is not required if you are happy to recreate your reports.