Update: This has been included in version 5.1-1.08

If you are getting this error then please apply the attached patch file.

- Unzip the archive to extract a single file which must be precisely named “checkMessageQueue-5.2.tgz.gpg”

- Login into the Mutiny (:81) Maintenance Interface (as you would for any upgrade).

- Browse to find and choose the attached file and click the [Upload] button.

- The patch should install within 2 seconds and you should see a green “Success” message and the patch name should appear in the list of Installed Patches as “checkMessageQueue-5.2-1”


If you are still getting the "Message Queue failed to clear.." message, hopefully this will clear it automatically with 10 minutes.

If the message fails to clear then please open a new support ticket and we will investigate.