There is currently only one free public TAP service left at this time from vodafone and the number should be 07785499993.

If you get timeout errors trying to test the SMS service or are setting it up for the first time please bear these notes in mind.

  • You must use a direct analogue exchange line, digital(with adapter) as patched through lines can be too quiet.
  • You must not have your number withheld.
  • Calls must not go through a premicell or other least-cost routing device.
  • If you can only connect via a PBX you need to insert a 9, into the dial prefix field
  • if your number is withheld you can try adding 1470 to the prefix field to force the sending.
  • Tick and update to "Restore message centre numbers"

Use these tests in order to determine what might be wrong:

Plug an analogue telephone into the line you are using and dial your mobile number and check you can see the caller id of your line.

Plug an analogue telephone into the line you are using and dial the vodafone message centre number to check the call goes through and is answered by a modem.