Unfortunately, we cannot allow the direct uploading of SNMP Vendor-MIB files into Mutiny. The main reason for this is that it would be difficult to prevent malware getting into the system, but more particularly, a badly formed or corrupt MIB file could slow down the SNMP polling cycle and prevent traps from being decoded.

However, if you raise a support ticket with support@mutiny.com (attaching your MIB files) , we can evaluate them and decide if they can be included. If there are no issues, the following will be actioned:

1) We will incorporate the MIB into a signed patch file that be uploaded into your Mutiny system, so that you can use the MIB with immediate effect.

2) The MIB file will be included in the next release of the Mutiny software.

PLEASE NOTE. Uploading a MIB will only help with decoding SNMP traps from that particular vendor. It will NOT allow you to poll any additional SNMP properties. The MIB is simply a document that defines where the data is stored within the SNMP client - basically a database schema. The data normally requires some kind of mathematical manipulation to make it useful to us. In Mutiny we do this with an Agent or Adapter.

If you require additional properties to be polled from a particular device, then we will happily investigate if this is possible. If the SNMP data is available, then we will write a new Adapter or Agent to collect it. Please send us the following:

  • A “Normal” SNMP walk from the system.
  • A list of the type of data you would like to monitor (e.g. CPU load, temperature, voltage etc.).
  • The latest vendor-supplied MIB file (if you have been given access to one).

If you have a current Mutiny support agreement, there is no charge for developing additional SNMP-based Agents or Adapters, although (dependent on the current development load), we may not be able to give you a completion date.

As above, we will incorporate the completed Agent or Adapter into a signed patch file that be uploaded into your Mutiny system, so that you can use it with immediate effect. We will also add it to the next release of the Mutiny software.

Additional resources;

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