There a number of situations that require the virtualisation of your mutiny appliance, these may include:

  • Old or failed dedicated appliance
  • Full virtualisation plan for the organisation
  • Power or space reduction plan
  • DR Plan*

*Virtualisation is not recommended for the full Hot standby implementation due to the nature of disk usage.

There are however a number of considerations you need to take into account before proceeding. First is the performance of the datastore the VM will be installed on, as a poor SAN with limited IO can have a detrimental effect on the performance of your mutiny system if it monitors a large number of devices. Consider a host datastore if VMotion is not employed. For high availability scenarios, you may also need to configure your estate to receive SNMP requests for additional ip addresses if your DR Mutiny is set to use a different IP address.

Minimum Requirements

2 cores, 8GB Ram, 500GB thin-provisioned storage (VM starts around 4GB) 2 x NICs.

The normal method we use for virtualising a live mutiny is;

  1. Update your current mutiny to the latest version
  2. Build the new virtual machine
  3. Back up your running-config and restore it on the new machine
  4. switch off the old, start up the new.
  5. Put a new replacement licence on the new one (has a different serial number)
  6. Upgrade to the latest version and you're done.
New Licence
Virtual Appliance
Virtual Appliance Build