In order to upgrade to Mutiny version 6 your Mutiny appliance will need to have its core OS upgraded to our new CentOS release. New modules like IPAM are only available on the CentOS appliance.

If you are using or migrating to a Virtual appliance please use THIS PAGE instead.

The process is very straightforward and involves the following steps;

  • Upgrade your Fedora appliance to the last Fedora release  FC4mutinyBundle-5.1.12-4307.tgz.gpg 
  • Take a backup snapshot and download the backup to a USB key or your PC.
  • *Rebuild or build a new appliance with the CentOS image mutiny-5.1.12-4307.iso see: User manual
  • Power down your old appliance.
  • Use the console to put the new appliance back on the network with its original IP address.
  • Web onto the new blank Mutiny appliance with and "password"
  • Put your backup USB key into the new appliance or upload your backup snapshot.
  • Restore your backup snapshot (Please allow adequate time for this to complete wait at least 15 minutes before any reboot)
  • Upgrade to the final 6.1 release CentOSmutinyBundle-6.1.0-5445.tgz.gpg
  • Upgrade to the Current release CentOSmutinyBundle-latest.tgz.gpg
  • Apply for a replacement licence, your existing licence will run for a further 7 days.
  • The last but one step is to perform a reset polling on the mutiny node with option [recalculate thresholds]� as this will take into account the changes in the core OS.
  • Finally, turn back on weekly backups.


* If your appliance is more than 4 years old you might consider purchasing our latest appliance that comes with the latest CentOS Mutiny pre-installed

Please note that the older SuperMicro appliance running the pentium 4 processor will not run the latest CentOS release.

Useful resources;

Appliance build and setup

vmware image download page

Licence request form

Appliance upgrade offer

Recalculate-thresholds how-to