Installing your Mutiny Licence

The Mutiny licence is emailed and attached in ASCII-armoured format it can be opened with notepad.

In order to licence your Mutiny appliance, you need to login in "admin" mode and select "Admin => System Configuration". At the bottom of the page you will see a large box marked "Licence Key" (just below the "Serial Number"). Open the attached licence using a simple text editor such as Microsoft Notepad and cut and paste the entire contents into the "Licence Key" box. Then press the "Update" button.

If your previous licence has expired or is invalid, you will now need to reboot your Mutiny system. Select "Admin => System Operations => Reboot Mutiny System" and press the "Confirm" button to initiate the reboot sequence.

Once the system has rebooted, you can check that your new licence is valid as when you login again, there should be no warning messages on the Login page.

Request a temporary Licence

Any problems, please contact support.

Licence Types

General Licence - The number of nodes, modules and agents are listed in the licence along with an expiry date and support valid date.

Temporary Licence -The number of nodes, modules and agents is unrestricted for a period of time defined by the expiry date.

MET Licence - Special vendor licences that are the same as a general licence but the defined vendor equipment is exempt from licence control.

Academic Licence - The mutiny licence is discounted for state funded schools, colleges and universities. Premium modules and support are available as paid-for upgrades.


Hash: SHA1

Mutiny Licence - Copyright Mutiny Limited 2007
Organisation=Mutiny Limited & Resellers for 60 days only from July 2007
Agent EXCHRA=0
Agent SQLRA=0
Agent IISRA=0
Agent AppLogScan=0
Agent SysLogScan=0
Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)


The number of nodes you can monitor or "Poll" is the number in the NodeLimit= field.

Temporary licences

If you wish to evaluate mutiny you will require a temporary licence, these special licences are time limited but not node limited allowing end users to add a wide range of devices to their evaluation system.

If you require a temporary licence please complete the form at Licence Request we will email out an evaluation licence to the email address supplied on the form.

Terms and Conditions

The mutiny software licence is subject to our General Licence terms and conditions as detailed in our EULA