If you have been trialling or running a virtual mutiny system and have now purchased an appliance, then follow these steps to transfer your config over to the new appliance.

The process is very straightforward and involves the following steps;
  • Upgrade your trial appliance to the latest release.
  • Take a new snapshot and download the backup to your PC.
  • Startup your new appliance follow the guide here; Manual section 3
  • Use the console to put the new appliance on the network with a temporary address.
  • Shut down your old virtual appliance.
  • Web onto the new blank Mutiny appliance with superadmin@mutiny.com and "password"
  • Upload your backup to your new appliance.
  • Restore your backup (Please allow adequate time for this to complete. Wait at least 15 minutes before any reboot)
  • Apply for a replacement licence, your existing licence will run for a further 7 days.
  • Finally, turn back on auto backups.

Note: if you use the scheduled reporting module, please contact support, as additional steps are required after migration to transfer your reporter database. This is not required if you are happy to recreate your reports.

Useful resources;

Appliance build and setup

Image download page

Licence request form

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