The maintenance interface is used to make system changes to the mutiny appliance. The maintenance interface runs on a separate web server so that it can be accessed independently from the main mutiny interface.

Access is via a separate port and this is either port :81 or port :444 if you are using HTTPS.

eg: HTTP://your.mutiny.add:81 or https://your.mutiny.add:444

You can only log in if you are a superadmin level user.

System Operations

Systems operations allow you to restart individual parts of mutiny as well as a shutdown of the system if necessary.


Time and Date

IP address or domain name of an NTP server. 



The system type will be standalone unless you have a Hot (or Cold) Standby licence. In this case, you will also have additional fields to set the primary, secondary and if necessary, floating IP addresses.


This changes the SNMP setting for the Mutiny Appliance and node itself.


The Mutiny backup data storage directory is exported as a network drive with the name "mutiny". It can be mounted over the network from a PC or server running Microsoft Windows in the standard manner, by entering the following network path in the "Open" dialogue box from the Windows "Start=>Run" menu:


where "[YourMutinyDNSNameOrIPAddress]" is the DNS nme or IP address of your Mutiny system.
When prompted by the dialogue box, the User name required will be "Backup" and the Password will be as set here. Once you have mounted the share as a network drive, you can simply copy the Mutiny backup files to the server of your choice.

SMS Test

This allows testing of the SMS alerts via modem or SMS gateway. This is particularly useful if you have SMS gateways attached to a primary and secondary appliance.