Web server settings allows you to switch to using HTTPS and choose to use a self signed certificate, generate a Certificate Signing Request and paste in your Certificate.

To use a Self-Signed Certificate select the second menu option.

Generate a certificate and update. 

The web server will restart and you will need to change your URL to HTTPS://

Use the [Download] button to download the certificate and install and trust it into your browser to remove the browser warning message.

The Third option allows you to generate a Certificate Signing Request used to purchase a trusted public certificate.

Complete the fields and press [Update] to generate the request and download the Certificate Request 

The Name (Common Name) field must match the URL that you wish to use for the certificate and will need to resolve to your mutiny server.

When your cert provider send back your new certificate, paste it into certificate panel along with any intermediate certificates and press update to apply them.

The 4th option allows you to paste in your pem formatted private key and the pem formatted Certificate and Certificate chain that was supplied from the supplier of your trusted certificate as an alternative to the the CSR method above.

The Certificate chain field takes your new certificate, plus all intermediate keys supplied by the certificate authority pasted in one after the other with no additional text. Do not change any of the text.

Press [Update] to apply the Certificates and restart the web server.

You will need to change your URL to HTTPS:// and the site name you used in step 3 to connect without browser warnings.